Operator; can I take your call?

Perhaps you have a feeling that there’s more in this life for you at work or at home or both and that you still haven’t dialled in on it… 

Dialling in is a good metaphor. Come with me to the early ’90s. My very first job at 19 years of age was as a switchboard operator at a posh seaside holiday resort. Our call center was the last thing to modernize. Entering the switchboard room for my shift felt as if I were closing the door of a time machine behind me and landing in the ’50s.

Now picture this: all kinds of tiny lamps on the board are lit.

There’s hardly any clue as to who or what request is behind each of them demanding attention.

How do you get to pick one first?

Which other tiny lit or unlit lamp to patch through for the optimal match?

Hey! Is THIS even the switchboard in front of which I should be sitting???


What does sitting in front of a call center full of covert decisions feel like?

And who on Earth said that you have to wait to make decisions about small and big things every other moment of every day of your life?

What if you quit your fruitless occupation as an old-fashioned phone operator waiting for calls to come in? What if you were making the calls without relying on willpower as your best bet to get things done?

Let me invite you to leave the tangled cables and blinking lamps be and

type in the comments below:

What is one very small shift with a notable impact that you’re willing to make today? If you could start taking steps on the pathway which you’re most longing to still be in 6 months from now, what would the first one look like?

The path is personal development.
Any action on the path is good.

Give permission to your Real Self to emerge and enjoy flourishing relationships at home and at work.



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