Musaicon – Mosaic

Musaicon is the Greek word for mosaic.

Musa + Icon = Inspiration + image

The symbolism encompasses inclusion, pluralism, global citizenship, and it also points beyond them.
It is about intentionally piecing our own and our team’s best qualities together; welcoming the stones that life throws at us; creating a mindful and colorful mosaic path as we pave our gritty way towards our vision and our Ideal Self.

As if from a single container full of colorful mosaic pebbles called smalti, we all share the same 24 character strengths that fall under six broad virtue categories: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence. The various artistic combinations of these stones give form to diverse mosaic creations and pathways. This is how we are all masterpieces, each in our own unique way.

The unique behaviors, which the ranking of your character strengths inspires you to exhibit, outline your personality.

The Musaicon mission is to create a ripple effect for the greater good where people can see themselves and the people in their teams more clearly through a Self-Awareness strengths lens.
Self-Awareness is one of the four realms of Emotional Intelligence and a gift to ourselves, the people in our lives, and humanity.
It is everything but navel-gazing, as it broadens our vision to include the positive and the negative compassionately, so much for ourselves as for others. It also enables us to build on what goes well with strong mindfulness, which improves close relationships, buttresses resilience and increases long-term well-being.

Which are your signature inspirational smalti and how do you put them together into an authentic and unprecedented Musa~Icon that is your Ideal Self?

Coaching is a partnership which can help you explore these thoughts.

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