Feeling better… than you

Here’s a point to ponder from Kristin Neff’s work on self-compassion:

“If I have to feel better than you to feel good about myself, then how clearly am I really going to see you, or myself for that matter?”

Quite a few wise (and silly) thoughts crossed my mind to share here with you about this statement.

As nonchalant and nodding in sage-ly knowing as I came across to myself yesterday at re-reading this after a couple of years, I’m in equally deep and thought-provoking reflection today while I’m typing this post (the fog index in this sentence is screaming, but #onlyfortday I’ll edit myself no more…).

Here are some questions I’ll be taking to lunch with me at the park in a bit:

  • How does this sort or any sort of comparison inform the way you see yourself and others?

  • How did that software get to install itself in your mind?

  • How useful has this been up to this point in your life? <- no snarkiness; an honest question! the things we need to do and be to survive and cope…

  • Who do you have to be and who do you need to be right now?

Instead of typing up more questions or un-edited thoughts, I’ll let the park walk generate some new ones.

Have a fulfilling Friday wherever you are on the Globe, #gentlepeople!

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