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The Strengths Dimmer Switch

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Character strengths research and practice invite you to look at yourself and others through a strengths lens, not rose-tinted glasses.

Try to imagine your strengths in a spectrum: their overuse, underuse, and the sweet spot.

Are you sometimes turning the dimmer switch fully bright or totally dark with some of your behaviors?
When fully bright or totally dark, values and strengths are known by different names.
For example, underuse of prudence is sensation seeking, while overuse translates to good old stuffiness.
Another example: overuse of kindness transforms it into intrusiveness, while underuse into indifference.

So… What is the truth for you? What would the sweet spot look like?

Who are you and what impact do you have on others when you’re wandering away from your sweet spot?
How far up or down, left or right, do you then need to turn your particular strengths dimmer switch so that you show up as the real you?
What elements make your strengths uniquely yours?
As if in a star constellation or a bunch of flowers, which set of strengths shows up for you when you are at your best?

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The Mindful Pause by Ryan Niemiec

1) Pause and feel your in-breath and out-breath for 10-15 seconds.

2) Conclude with a question: Which of my character strengths will I bring forward right now?

Congratulations; you have just completed a mindfulness-based strengths practice meditation!

Mindfulness improves close relationships; buttresses resilience; prevents the onset of trauma.

Character Strengths focus is energizing; connects to meaning and purpose; fortifies mindfulness.

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