About me

My name is Constadina Stathopoulou and I am the Strengths Coach and owner of Musaicon.

I am a Greek and European Union citizen and I have been living and working for most of my adult life in the picturesque Netherlands.

I specialize in coaching project and professional teams, families, and individuals toward awareness and exploration of their personal and group strengths so they can discover and leap to where their heart of hearts yearns to be. I am certified as an executive and mentor coach with MentorCoach, LLC and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.


People from the global professional community knock on my virtual door with a gamut of coachable challenges pertaining to executive well-being, as well as life and professional transitions. Using my coaching skills with everyone I meet, flavored with appreciative inquiry, fills me with vibrant energy and joy. The right question initiates and nurtures positive change and I know this in my bones.
In another life, I had a career in national and international Law Enforcement. Until retirement from active service, my professional focus was what was going wrong with people. Since 2008, I have been immersing into the science of what goes well despite all that which goes wrong. I have been growing into Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology by following courses and specialist studies as well as undergoing rigorous international certification and accreditation procedures.

In excess of twenty years, my mileage meter has counted thousands of hours of coaching individuals, teams, and C-suite members as an internal and external coach. I am a member in good standing of ICF Global. I follow the ICF ethical guidelines and code of conduct as well as the Global Code of Ethics.


My Netherlands-based company is called Musaicon, which is the Greek word for ‘mosaic’.
The working languages at Musaicon are English, Greek, Dutch, and character strengths.