3 ways out when Feeling Stuck – part 2

If you’re feeling stuck, know that you’re not alone. Don’t let shame, avoidance, or any kind of bias isolate you further. Many people feel this way right now and there is always help near. All you have to do is ask.

2 – Inquire | Ask your relations

Who do you trust for your inner circle and round table?

What strengths do they consistently spot in you?

What is special about your relationship with these people?

How can they help you with your vision and learning goals?

In which meaningful and realistic ways can you nurture those relationships?

This is not an exhaustive list of possibilities or “either/or” suggestions. You can focus on any or all of the suggestions above and certainly try more ways to ask for insights.

Any positive inquiry which provides a new and innovative way for you to be and do; a fresh look at your situation; a chance to move away from navel-gazing and towards self-awareness is welcome and a gift.

The path is personal development.
Any action on the path is good.

Next to which checkbox will you put a check mark today ☑️?



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